Things that make me meaw

Brucy's top 4

Brucy’s top 4

There are a few things a true Parisian cat just cannot live without. One of them is chicken. Brucy loves chicken in any shape and form – raw, boiled or still walking. All you have to do is take the chicken out of the fridge and you will hear Brucy running in into the kitchen, screaming her lungs out. So tip #1: if you want your cat be happy (and quiet), give her a little bit of chicken!

Brucy is very snobbish, as she hates dry food. I try tricking her, by mixing it in with her wet food, but she is a lot cleverer than it might seem..  We have tried different wet food – from Whiskas to Almo Nature (and will be adding reviews later on) and her all-time favourite is Hill’s Science Plan (in pouches).

Hill’s Science Plan has a very high % of meat (up to 35% in chicken flavor) and is packed with minerals, vitamins and omega acids. Brucy also loves the thick gravy sauce. Disadvantage : the price. Hill’s Science Plan is around 9-10 euros/kg, which is really expensive compared to the cat food available in the supermarkets. But isn’t it better to pay more now for better quality cat food than pay more for a vet later on?

A furminator is another one of Brucy’s favorites (and mine). This brush removes all cat’s loose hair that results in a much cleaner house and less hairballs. One of the best investment buys (29.90 € at Zooplus) so far!

We will be talking about different cat litters later on, but our favorite at the moment is Catsan – little smell, affordable and hygienic – what more can you wish for?

And what are your cat’s top 4?


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