Cat product review – scratch bed!

As promised, each week we will be doing a cat-product review. Our latest purchase was this Relax Scratch bed, purchased at 12.90 € at Zooplus.

Relax Scratch Bed

Now, Brucy has a wide variety of scratching trees, posts and scratch pads. I decided to “invest” into this one, because all cats love cardboard and I thought this might distract her from destroying books at least for a bit. Overall, I was happy with the purchase: the scratch-pad-bed is big (diameter 39 cm x H 14.5 cm), esthetically pleasing (black butterfly pattern on white background printed on the outside), the cardboard looks durable and is recyclable. As you can tell from the photo, Brucy loved it too.

Disadvantage: the price. I find 12.90 € ridiculously expensive for a few layers of cardboard and I advise DIY fans to make their own version of this cardboard scratch bed following this tutorial here (credit goes to Haus Panther for the find). Have you tested the scratch bed? Let us know!


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