Cat-inspired art


1. Ron Mueck’s « Still Life » (Raw Chicken)

2. Robin Murphy’s « Couching cat »

3.  Laura Graves’ « Cats »

4. Jordan Carter’s « The Crazy Cat »

5. Anna Ryasnova’s « Sphynx cat »

Last week, I had the chance to visit the stunning exposition of Ron Mueck’s works. One of them included a giant chicken that hang upside down from the ceiling by a meat hook. It was spectacularly realistic and inspired me to do a post on art that our cats would like.

I love this selection of sculptures, art prints and cushions, all on a cat-inspired theme. One of my personal favorites – this remarkable handmade needle felted spynx cat, created by a Spanish arts designer Anna Ryasnova. All of her creations are hand made with the needle felting technique and made to order.


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