Pei-pod, cat bed, review!


I am a bit behind in cat-interior-world-inventions, so I only now discovered those beautiful egg shaped cat beds from Pei Pods. What I love about Pei Pods is their stylish and sleek design that helps them fit in perfectly into a retro, modern or classic interior design. What is also nice is that Pei Pods are available in a large range of pastel colours and in different sizes! On the Pei Pod website you can even personalize your pod, selecting the colour of the pod (lime gree, pink, neutral) and the pillow (Yellow w/ White Polka Dots, Pink with White Polka Dots).

It is a bit of a shame that you can’t seem to be able to purchase the pods directly on their website.. so unfortunately, if you want to treat your cat to a Pei Pod – you would need to find it at a reseller’s store!

What do you think about pei pods?



  1. I love them….just the right shape and size; cats like that “enclosed” feeling – I think Sammy would like this (however not in pink since he’s a rather manly-mancat!).

    Pam (and Sam)

  2. How cool…love them perfect little cocoons for the discerning kitty…and i would say very easy to clean! and also able to pop them out on the verandah on a nice day 🙂

  3. I love those and have wanted one for quite a while. Over a year, in fact. I finally took the plunge and just ordered one online. It was the limited edition violet pEI pod (I am a sucker for limited edition things and truly fell in love with this colour, so I didn’t want to regret not getting it once it is sold out). I can not wait for it to arrive and have the perfect little spot for it. I also got the white fur cushion cover that is sold separately, so the hair of my white cats won’t show that much. lol

  4. Oh, mine arrived yesterday. Both of my cats are loving it. It is a great size, my two big ragdoll cats that weight 7 kilos each can squeeze together inside it. and one can lay down really comfortably on his own, if they so wish.

    It makes me want to get another one, but I know I probably won’t, as it would look a little crowded with two, and they already have two beautiful retro pet nests (one for each) that they love, so is not like there are less beds than cats to go around. 😀

    I plan to make a review of it after some time has passed

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