Hair ball jewelry


One of my favorite cat-design websites is without doubt HausPanther, monitored by amazing Kate Benjamin. Last year, she started a fun project using cat hair to create jewelry.

I have mixed feelings about this. My initial reaction was “euuuugh”. However, once I actually saw the jewelry and thought about all the cat hair that I throw out after brushing Brucy – I realized that Kate maybe has a point. What do you think about using cat hair? Insanely innovative or just “eugh”?



  1. Well, cats do shed ton of hair and rather than tossing it in the garbage if someone can do something creative with it – well – why not? It would be lightweight and gain a lot of comments I should think! I guess it could even be dyed for fashion’s sake. Hmm…interesting.


    1. I think dyed – it would actually look cool and trendy! and it’s promising that she doesn’t use the actual “vomited hair balls” but only rolls the hair into balls…

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