This was a difficult weekend for us because Brucy was diagnosed with asthma. She has been having coughing attacks and trouble breathing, and at first I thought it is just an ordinary hairball. But as she kept coughing, I decided to take her to the vet. Luckily, I recorded a video of Brucy coughing so it was easier for the vet to diagnose her accurately. Brucy was put on a 6 day medication course that is learnt to ease her asthma attack.

Like in humans, asthma in cats is provoked by allergens (such as tobacco smoke, pollen, sprays) leading to respiration problems and coughing. During an asthma attack, the cat sits with her shoulders hunched with her mouth open, straining to breathe. Brucy’s asthma attacks last around 4 minutes and it is very frightening to watch. We have started medication yesterday and so far she didn’t have another attack. According to our vet, asthma attacks are quite unpredictable and the medication depends on the frequency of attacks.

At the moment, Brucy is ok and active like always. This is all a bit scary but we will get thought this! Have you heard about cats’ asthma?




  1. No, this is something new to us. We’ve heard of cat allergies but that’s generally due to something they’ve eaten. Hope you get Brucy onto an even keel as asthma is very worrying to watch.

  2. Oh dear….sorry to hear Brucy has asthma. I really don’t know anyone who has dealt with it but I do know that Ingrid at is a very experienced vet tech and she might have some info on her blog/website about it. I’m sure she’d be happy to help. She’s a very nice lady with tons of knowledge.

    Hugs of support, Pam and Sam

  3. Poor Brucey 😦 yes I have heard of Asthma in cats and dogs..i hope the medications help,what a frightening thing to have to see..big hugs to Brucey ( oh and of course you 😉 )

  4. I know cats can have asthma! I don’t know any cats who have tho. But I bet it is very frightening to see your cat trying to breathe and coughing. 😦 Hope the medicines keep on working!

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