Cat-Interview #2 with Suki & Hiro


2 weeks ago I started a new section on my blog – cat-interview, where we ask our furry friends fun questions. Our first guest was Cody – an adorable-rabbit-loving cat who loves holding paws with his mom. If you missed this mazing interview, you can read it here.

This week, we decided to interview Suki and Hiro from an amazing blog Cats&Co. Their mommy, Dianda, is an extremely talented cat-lady who always publishes exceptionally interesting and entertaining posts about cats! If you haven’t yet seen her blog – you must!

So this week, we asked her adorable Suki and Hiro to answer some fun questions 🙂

Describe yourself in 4 words:

Hiro: Sensitive, playful, curious and cuddly.
Suki: Lazy, careful, curious and temperamental. 

If you had to go to a desert island and could bring 3 things – what would they be and why?

Suki: Catnip! Because I loooooove to roll around in catnip! A box too, they are loads of fun and my Kong toy because it smells so good like catnip. 
Hiro: The Nekoflies toy, even though there would be no one to play it with me, I wouldn’t want to leave it behind. My little mouse, cause I would miss it! And food, because I don’t want to starve!
Suki: I forgot about food! 
Hiro: How can you forget about food?!

Cheshire cat or Cat in the Hat?

Cheshire cat! 
Suki: He has awesome colors. 
Hiro: And he can fly and disappear! 

Your thoughts on cats without fur?

Suki: I wonder if they don’t get cold. 
Hiro: They’re pretty much walking around naked all the time! 
Suki: Awkward!
Hiro: But I bet they are very nice kitties. 

Name 2 reasons why cats are cooler than dogs?

Suki: Easy! Cats don’t drool and we don’t stink!
Hiro: You stink when you come back from the litter box.

Favorite odd food:

Hiro: Green peas. Especially the inside!
Suki: Insects. Like the crickets daddy feeds to his gecko’s.

Horizontal or vertical scratching?

Both: Vertical! 
Suki: And so now and then horizontal on the carpet. 

Favorite famous cat:

Suki: Casper the Commuting cat. He was so brave!
Hiro: Salem from Sabrina the Teenage Witch. I love his sense of humor!

What’s needed for a perfect cat-day?

Hiro: Good food, a sunny day and napping on the balcony. And in the morning and evening an hour of play! 
Suki: Or a rainy day, when all I do is sleeping, sleeping and sleeping. And sometimes eating. 

Tuna or salmon?

Both: Salmon.
Hiro: But not too much.
Suki: And it has to be raw.

How cute and adorable are those two?? I love their dialogues!! Thank you Suki, Hiro and Dianda!



  1. What a fun interview! I agree that I would choose the Cheshire Cat too and my Angel Bobo used to LOVE PEAS!!!
    We also agree about salmon instead of tuna, did you know the vet told me that tuna is actually bad for cats? Yep! It is, he said to feed it sparingly, but the tuna juice is fine.
    we also love suki and hiro!
    Love, Cody and Mom

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