Cat that uses Skype!


Today we have a very special post about a very special cat. Her name is Katty Hernandez and her owner is one of my work colleagues.

Now, you may ask yourself – what is so special about this cat except for her lovely furriness? Are you ready? She knows how to use Skype. Yes, Katty Hernandez is a true technology expert! Every time her owners leave on vacation – they keep their computer on with Skype turned on as well. Her owners program Skype on “auto-respond” (so once someone calls, the call is automatically replied) so once they call, they are connected straight away to their kitty. And then they call Katty and she comes to the computer and “meaws” with her owners!! How cool is that? Katty also has a Facebook page – so feel free to add her as a friend and have a look at all the countries she visited!



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