Spynx cats – cute or scary?

spynx cat

One of colleagues at work, who is allergic to cat fur, asked me to do a post on Spynx cats. I hesitated – I will be honest. Spynx cats are not my favourites, in all honesty, they freak me out. But once I started Googling photos of spynx cats, I actually changed my mind and now I feel like they are actually kind of cute. What do you think about Spynx cats?

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  1. So cute, so lovely. Thanks for the post, I was talking about having a cat with my wife yesterday, and we disagree on the fact that sphynx would be a good idea 😉

  2. So happy you posted this. My step daughter just bought one a month ago ($1500!!!!) I feel awful but I just do NOT think they are cute but I hear they are more affectionate than “normal” cats and are immense cuddlers (contrary to what Pam said…) I thought like Pam but reading info about the breed they are supposed to be major “people cats” and are super loving. I think they look like aliens but my step daughter adores hers.

  3. They are kind of cute I think 🙂 I had to handle one once but felt bad because I had to scruff him so he’d hold still for a shot. He was extremely squirmy and I think he ended up getting a little bruised 😦

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