Cat over-population of New Zealand


I came across this fascinating article today about the Rangitikei District (North Island of New Zealand) trying to pass a petition to limit the number of allowed cats in the household to just three.

The reasoning behind is that there are too many homeless cats running around the streets, people have too many cats and do not get them neutered and spayed. The supporters say that there is a massive cat over-population and due to a high number of homeless cats, their children can’t play outside because of cat excrement everywhere.

However, many are against this proposal saying that the council can’t impose on people how many pets to have. What do you think about this? Is this too much or is the New Zealand council taking a right decision?

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  1. They have tamed their thoughts down then as it was not very long ago they wanted no cats in New Zealand..there has been a lot of debate about this..we have four cats and did have six..all desexed all taken care of in a responsible seems due to some peoples lack of responsibility everyone pays the price..amndatory desexng ad hetting rid of pet shop sales and kitten mills is much more likely to rectify the problem…lucky I have no plans to move to NZ..:)

      1. I know..i think if you can show that your cats are desexed etc you should be left alone..this will not solve the problem..stupid really!

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