Strange Facts About Cats


I came across this fun infographic on cats today – full of interesting facts, I bet, you didn’ know about our favorite furry friends! For example, did you know that cats take between 20 and 40 breaths every minute? Or that cats can’t see under their noses, so they struggle to find food when it is right under their nose? So cool! What facts shocked you most? What other fun facts about cat do you know?



    1. I have had both male and female. I did have one aggressive male that got particularly nasty if he wasn’t fed on time. Otherwise, I love both for their differences.

  1. I must find the article but I read tht male and female cats have different handedness..i can’t remember which but it was something like a female starts her stride with the left foot and the male the could be the other way around but I found that curious..also outdoors cats have certain rights of way when walking down path ways .

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