X-ray confusion


We had a very bizarre visit to the vet today with Brucy. As you know, she has been dignosed with asthma, so we did a few weeks of medication but she continued coughing. We decided to do a lung x-ray just to double check that everything is ok. So, from the x-ray, the vet concluded that her lungs do look inflamed and advised for us to continue medication.

However, the vet also was shocked to see how rounded her spine is (the curve on the left hand-side). She said that it is abnormal but that Brucy was probably born like that. When I came home, I stated looking up sample cat x-rays and I was surprised to see that all cats’ vertebral columns have a similar curve. Maybe not as extreme as in Brucy’s case, but there definitely is a curve.

So was our vet wrong? Is it normal to have a curve like that? Have your cats had x-rays?



  1. Unfortunately, I don’t know enough about cat x-rays to know if (s)he was wrong or not. The important thing is that it’s apparently harmless, and that she’s going to be okay! 🙂

  2. My sister Persian had many issues and just prior to him oassing he had a spine xray which sadly makes Brucys look very moderate!! hope Brucy starts to feel better soon 🙂 Fozziemum hugs

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