The fight of cat litters


I decided to try with Brucy a new type of cat litter. As you may know already, we are big fans of Catsan. It is a non-clumping litter made from clay minerals. The clay absorbs all odours but you need to change the litter, on average, every 2 weeks.

But nowadays, everybody is using silica gel litter, so we decided to give it a go, too. Silica gel litter is composed of granular crystals that absorb odour for a longer period of time compared to other cat litters. So even though the silica gel littler costs more than non-clumping litter, it is normally meant to last an entire month.

We decided to give silica gel litter a try and I was disappointed. Already after a few days of use, the bottom layer of the litter turned yellow/brown and started smelling. Once I tried to throw out the yellow smelly crystals, there really wasn’t much left in the litter box, as you must use the entire packet of litter every time..So we weren’t too impressed by silica get litter and we decided to stay loyal to Catsan.

What are your litter preferences?



  1. We used to use a crystal one until I found glass in it!! Not happy..because we have four cats and at one stage six we actually go to the produce store (farm supplies etc) and buy chicken layer pellets this is what was mainly used at the shelter I volunteered at.Not only is it really cheap but it’s enviro friendly and being wheat it’s not chemicals..even emptying their trays daily it still lasts for ages..:)

      1. Yep I was really impressed with the glass!! can you imagine them scratching in their tray and cutting their feet!! this chicken pellet idea is perfect..;)

  2. Dad tried a lot of litters working with his foster kittens in transitioning them from paper to litter. We have different brands here but the gel he tried was not good. We tried worlds best and did not like the smell after a few days. We use TIdy Cat clumping litter. The store brand clumping has too much dust. Dad made us custom pans that are big enough to turn and dig in while having two doors so you cannot get cornered by accident. Dad keeps it 3-4 inches deep and that works great. If you would like the plans for the big litter pans comment on our bloggie.

  3. I don’t know the brand! But we use a very absorbing litter we really like. The only problem is that it’s a bit ‘dusty’ and we find the litter everywhere!

    1. What is it called? we tried a similar one, that was like sand, but I hated it because I ended up having sand every where in the appartment!! It was like being on a beach!! ahh the difficult litter choices πŸ™‚

      On Sun, Aug 18, 2013 at 1:17 PM, The Paris C

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