In love with a green carpet

DSC_0682 (1)2

Brucy is in love with a green sheepskin carpet.

Let me explain. My mother, like all mothers I imagine, loves sending me gifts. Unfortunately, a vast majority of them (clothing of awful colours, sizes and materials, purple vases, bizarre pillow cases) end up hidden away and only get pulled out when she comes to visit. Last week, I got a 6 kg. package. When I unboxed it, I discovered a huge sheepskin carpet. The only problem is that it’s beige-green. A note from my mother clarified things : she knew we were looking for a carpet, so she decided to send me the carpet from her living room that because of humidity turned green. So, as I was in need of a carpet, I ended up putting the green thing in our living room.

Good news – Brucy loves it! She spends hours rolling around on it and occasionally fighting with this green furry monster!

Well at least she is happy 



  1. MEWHAHAHA! Well at least someone likes it! Maybe if mew have a spare bedroom mew could fix it up as a Brucy kitty room with the carpet, kitty trees, toys, nip and grass plants, comfy beds, mew get the idea! If mew ask Brucy I’m sure she would love the idea. Mewmew.

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