Want to make your cat happy? Buy her a tunnel!

Sans titre

Brucy got a new present (spoilt cat..). It’s a new tunnel! Out of all the toys she has, balls, feather, catnip etc.. tunnels are definitely her favourites! She loves running into them, making maximum noise possible or hiding in them and running out to attack my feet..

We vote tunnels as the best cat-toys! Do you agree? What’s your cat’s favourite toy?



  1. I love my snakie toys and Da Bird, but my favorite are mousies- any kind, size, color, texture. I love to bat them, chase them around the house, kick them, and pounce on them! No toy is as wonderful as the real thing however- when I am in my backyard I LOVE to catch snakies and play ‘snakie toss’ and then let them go, only to pounce on them again when they try to escape! Mom begs me not to do this and especially not to bring them to her on the doorstep as ‘gifts’ but how can I help it if I’m naturally a giving cat?! Humans! They scold mew for doing what we do best and then when we try to be nice and give them a present, they scold mew too! Pfftt! I’m glad I’m a ladycat and not a human, at least I appreciate fine tastes and generosity unlike their species. MOL!

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