Brucy is becoming a hipster


I think Brucy may have just crossed the line in silliness!! You will never guess what she did this time! When I was turning on the gas stove, this kitten decided to put her face in the flame! So obviously her whiskers got burnt and curled in the ends! Now, Brucy looks like Hamilton – the hipster cat!

Did your cat ever do anything similarly silly?



  1. Brucy you best be careful – singing whiskers is one thing, but paws and tails might be a LOT more painful!! You know there’s a human saying “curiosity killed the cat”……YIKES! Back AWAAAAAAAAYYYYYY from the flame girlfriend!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

    1. “curiosity killed the cat” is sooo about brucy!! every time she does something silly like this, I regret not naming her “Trouble”! so i could say “here comes trouble!”

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