Cat weekend fashion


What really annoys me is that are about a million websites that specialise in clothing for dogs, but there are just a few that do cat fashion. This week I did a post on a fashion line that does clothing for Spynx cats, and today I wanted to bring you some more cat-fashion! Pet co is one of the websites that doesn’t forget about cats and proposes a nice selection of fun costumes, like the ones on the photo above! I think Brucy would look splendid in the sushi outfit. The only problem is that she hates putting things on… Do you dress you cat? Share your cute photos! Happy weekend everyone!



  1. I love the sailor outfit – Sam would be so cute in that…..Sam has two scarves (one for Halloween and one for Christmas) that he will “tolerate” me putting on him BRIEFLY while I take a photo – otherwise he prefurrrrrrrs being a nudist!


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