Sunday pigeon hunt


What I love about Sundays is getting to spend a lot of time with Brucy and learning how she passes hers usual days. During the week, as I work a lot, I only get to see her in the morning and evenings, when she is all hyper excited and is running around. But on Sundays, we actually get to spend an entire day together!

As I discover, most of the day Brucy either sleeps or watches the pigeons. I think I told you this before, that Paris is the city of pigeons – they are actually everywhere and Parisians often refer to them as the “flying rats”. Brucy, however, loves them. As we have 4 balconies, she spends a good part of her day just hypnotising the pigeons sitting near-by and probably dreaming about eating one…

What does your cat do on Sundays? Happy weekend everyone!



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