Animal Expo 2013


Hope you all spend a gorgeous weekend, because Brucy and I had an amazing one!! We went to the Animal Fair Trade show! The Animal Expo is organised in Paris every year, regrouping over 10,000 animals and 40K visitors! This was the second time I went, and it just gets better every year!

What is great about this exhibition is its size – there is a huge exhibition hall for cats and dogs and another huge pavilion packed with chinchillas, ferrets, snakes, bunnies and other fun creatures!

I obviously spent around 5 hours among the cats and kittens. I love chatting with the owners – some of them travelling over 10 hours for this 2-day show. During the day, the owners prepare their cats for the jury, speak to visitors, trying to find buyers for the kittens. I was so tempted to walk off with a cute Abyssinian kitten, but I had to resist… Instead I went shopping crazy, buying Brucy many new toys!

Check out those amazing photos from the show:




  1. I drove my friend to the Paris show ( she was too scared to drive on the right hand side!) with her Bengal Zsami. He won Best Alter Group 3 both days and then BIS neuter on the Sunday. He was the only entrant from the UK and the judges adored him. I loved talking in my not-too-good french to the lovely French visitors and other exhibitors who were VERY patient! Wonderful show, wonderful country, wonderful people and …..Amazing Zsami!!!!

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