Guess her favourite!


I love going a bit shopping crazy when I shop for Brucy but I rarely get it right! This weekend we went to the Animal Show and I bought Brucy loads of presents – but guess what toy she liked the most?

I picked a few sticks with furry feathers on the end and bells, a small mouse with a bell inside, a grass wheel with more feathers and a very smelly mouse stuffed with catnip.

Your guess? Brucy loved the tiny mouse most! It’s been 3 days that she throws the little mouse around the apartment and despite losing all of its resemblance to a mouse- it still stays her favourite toy! What are your cat’s favourite toys? And does anyone’s cat actually like catnip as I think it just stinks horribly!



  1. Brucy made a pawesome choice, I love my toy mousies and snakies the best. I sometimes respond to nip and sometimes not- it depends on my mood. My Mom has also bought my siblings and I toys with silvervine and valerian root which we and lots of cats respond to them like catnip.
    Brucy is lucky to have a Mom who shops just for her and gets so many wonderful treats. Mew have trained her well Brucy, may I ask what technique mew used to do this? The Pavlov? Treats? A firm paw? Loud meows? I need to work with my human on this subject, she has started to slack off on the shopping for me. Mewmew!

    1. Brucy uses the biting technique – she just jumps and gets her teeth into her mom’s leg when she walks until she gets what she wants!! Mom says she needs to try valerian root toys too 😉

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