Video of Brucy chasing her tail!

Yesterday, we recorded this video of Brucy spending minutes chasing her own tail! Moments like this make me doubt her intelligence!!! Does your cat do this too?



  1. Lots of baby kits do this, but so do some adult kitties too- my brofur Kaspars is 12 and he still does sometimes! I don’t think it has anything to do with lack of intelligence, in fact it shows a cat’s mind is still pretty sharp and active if they still enjoy active play as an adult. We kitties enjoy doing silly and fun stuff at times, maybe it’s not meant for mewz humans to understand. Maybe it’s a sign mewz intelligence isn’t as superior as ours- this is a fact more likely to be the case. I’m sure my fellow feline comrades, Brucy included, would agree. MOL!

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