Cats’ sixth sense: can they predict earthquakes?


Brucy has an adorable nose. But what is absolutely incredible about cats’ noses is their vital importance – cats use this organ to find food, other cats and to find its territory. Did you know that cats’ sense of smell is 14 times stronger than that of a human?

But what is particularly interesting about cats’ noses is the Jacobson’s Organ (the vomeronasal organ (VNO)). This organ is located inside a cat’s mouth, behind the front teeth, and connects to the nasal cavity. It works like something like a scent analyser and is primarily used to identify pheromones from other cats. So when a cat starts sensing a strong smell, it opens its mouth and uses its tongue to flick the smell to the Jacobson’s organ, for further “analysis”.

According to experts, the organ is not only used to smell food and other cats’ smells , but also to act as a “six sense”, and can feel unusual occurrences, such as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis.. How amazing is that? So it is true that watching our feline friends can help us prepare for natural disasters! Did you know about this?



  1. Yes we did know about this…..Sam was first to “know” we were about to have a tornado some years ago – we were warned one COULD come through our town (in fact it came over our house but hopped over it instead of hitting it) and when Sam headed to the basement, we followed. Shortly thereafter the tornado arrived…..then a couple of years ago there was an earthquake here and Sam “knew” about it minutes before we felt it. Animals are amazingly tuned in.


  2. Indeed every earth tremor we have had the cats have run around the house meowing before hand..and the dogs get agitated..when the barometric pressure changes Forrest starts to pace around the fence line was explained to me by a gentleman who spends his life with Tiger conservation that when they do this with their mouths open and get that far away stare it is like a computer taking time to down load information..:)

    1. That’s so interesting! That is exactly right – when cats have their mouth open thats when they are using the jacobsons organ! I always made fun of brucy because she looks so silly!
      ahh cats are awesome 🙂

      1. They do look kind of daggy hahha I put a video up on their bloggie of them kneading my lap and Cleo was pulling that face coz she had been sniffing Pickles…big download! 🙂 they are awesome !!

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