Buying cat toys on Etsy?


I love Etsy and I’ve bought many times vintage jewellery and unique art prints. But recently, I’ve discovered that on Etsy you can also buy hand-made cat toys! Like this seller, FrankNstitch, sells a whole selection of hand-sewed catnip toys! What I love is how unique the toys are and that you can see all the product reviews. Etsy toys also seem more authentic than bought toys and seem to cost less (this one is just $5). What are your thoughts? Have you ever bought/considered buying/sold cat toys on Etsy?



  1. No to “all of the above” – but not because I don’t like the toys on Etsy because most of what I see there is very clever and of course handmade which I love, but just that Sam is not as active as he once was and has a TON of toys already. I’ve never sold on Etsy either but honestly, Etsy is one of the few places I would (a) consider selling if I was “crafty” that way, and (b) that sells truly cute and well made (and priced) toys.


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