Making a cat birthday-cake?


Brucy’s birthday is coming up next Sunday, and I’ve been thinking of cooking her a special cat-cake!

Which lead me to the question – what human food can cats eat? I know I’ve been giving her occasional treats from our table like chicken, mince, canned peas..but what ingredients are officially good for cat?

According to this interesting article at Care2, there are actually quite a lot of things cats can eat. We all know that a bit of meat and fish is ok (as long as there is little oil, as fatty acids prevent the absorption of vitamin E), but did you know that cats can also eat scrambled eggs and steamed broccoli? Apparently, some vegetables, such as carrots, beans and broccoli are also quite good for cats, as long as they are steamed! Brucy loves canned vegetables such as peas and carrots, so I think I will use those in her “birthday cake”! Have you cooked for your cat? Share some recipes!



  1. Sammy turns his nose up at most things other cats just love…..he’s always been VERY picky so cooking for him – doesn’t work!! I do think you have some GREAT ideas though for Brucy’s CatCake……if she loves veggies I bet she’d love a veggie-cake!


  2. Do you give her any bread ?
    Because I know that my dog loves to eat a two-day-old piece of bread ! Even more than a chewy stick !

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