We tested: the Paris Cat Café


So, one month of a waiting list and 30 minutes of queuing later we finally managed to get into the famous “Café des Chats” – new Parisian café that is home to 12 cats.

Launched a few months ago, the Café des Chats provoked an incredible online buzz with articles not online in the French but also in the English press including the BBC. What made it so special? Well, obviously the cats. The concept is based on a Japanese believe that cuddling a cat helps a person relax and distress. This café is now home to 12 cats of different ages, all taken from a shelter. Furthermore, part of the profit goes back to the cat-shelter. I heard a lot about it, and finally managed to test it this week!!

Our first impression was the wait. Despite the one month reservation in advance, we had to wait half an hour to get in. When finally, there was a table ready, the hostess made sure everyone disinfected their hands before entering and introduced the basic rules: no feeding of the cats, no forcing them, and if a cat is sleeping, let her sleep!

When we finally got inside, we realised that the café is relatively small, with just 6 tables and a big cat tree in the corner. Most of the cats were sleeping and thus we couldn’t touch them. When one kitten finally woke up and decided to walk around, around 6 people jumped on him to take photos and try to caress him. This obviously scared the poor thing and he ran away to hide.

So what did we like? It’s a nice idea to adopt homeless cats and give them a nice home.

What we didn’t like is the fact that the cats don’t look comfortable and not very happy..

So our overall conclusion – it was pretty disappointing experience!




  1. Sounds like people with a heart had an idea but not really well thought out..it is sad as it sounds like the cats really get put out by this..kind of like cat hoarders whose heart is in the right place but the whole thing is not best for the cats. hugs Fozziemum xx

      1. Me too ..would be a shame for a big hearted idea to end up being a misguided problem..we don’t celebrat Thanksgiving down under but we still have heaps to be thankful for!! and hope if you celebrated it was with style 🙂

  2. It sounds like they perhaps should have done a bit more to make it a comfy place for everyone…..and the cats sound like they need more trees or cubby holes or somewhere they can RELAX a bit more…..all those people being curious and wanting to interact with a cat must be a little disconcerting for some cats. Well, perhaps in time they’ll work a bit more on the “ambiance” for both cats and humans!!


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