Putting up a Christmas tree with a cat in the house!



The holiday period is coming up and before you say anything, NO it’s not too early to put up a Christmas tree! We’ve put ours up yesterday but immediately we were faced with a challenge – how to keep our Christmas tree save from Brucy?

First advice – try to avoid crystal, glass decoration balls. The first thing Brucy did was jump on the Christmas tree and try to knock down as many balls as she possibly could. It was then that we realised that plastic balls was a good solution.

Second, maybe stick to a plastic tree. Yes, the real ones smell nicer. Yes, the plastic ones don’t look natural… But if your cat, like mine, loves eating all plants- it will be better for you cat and your Christmas tree to stick to fake one.

Thirdly, do not make gingerbread cookies. I love decorating Christmas trees with baked cookies, but as Brucy eats EVERYTHING she finds, I decided that this year, I will avoid doing this..

I hope those Christmas tree tips will help your Christmas tree survive through the holiday season! How are you preparing for Christmas?


  1. Great story…obviously Brucy is “up” for the holiday – Sam (bless his old heart) has never been around a real tree. We’ve had a few artificial ones over the years Sam’s been with us. He did have a lot of curiosity about low-hanging ornaments when he was younger but these days he just loves lying UNDER the tree with the lights shining…..he will push gifts aside to make room for himself….but no “tree molesting” or “ornament whapping” any longer. Good luck with Brucy – I think she’ll figure out that she stays out of trouble if she stays OFF the tree!


    1. i also always had artificial ones (and to be honest, with regards to mess, i might stick to those next year..) but this year we went for a real one!! I am dying to see some photos of Sam under the tree!!xxx

  2. How wonderful it is to get the tree up..same here we have a plastic tree as it’s a bit safer and I get really depressed at trees dying in the house and dropping needles! with four cats and at one ime six we have never really had any tree molesting 🙂 only when I had foster kittens would it be an issue..tinsel is the biggest threat and chewing lights cords..lucky for me the girls prefer to lie under the tree and hide..the problem with ours is they chew the wrapping on the pressies!! people in our family are used to soggy gnawed packages hehee 🙂 hugs Fozziemum xx

    1. Chewing light cords and cords in general is SUCH a big issue for us!! I wish they could release cat-friendly cords or something.. haha I think we’ll have some chewed presents as well this year. Last week Brucy managed to chew a bit off my passport!!

  3. We always get a real tree and I enjoy drinking my water from the bowl under it! My Mom tries not to put fragile or tempting ornaments near the bottom, but my brother and I always find a way. I don’t know why mew humans get so upset about a tree?! It’s OUR house and TREE after all, mew are lucky we let mew be a part of things!

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