Best bed for a cat … is a sink!


Brucy decided to ignore the numerous expensive baskets, beds and blankets I got for her, now choosing our bathroom sink as her favourite sleeping/chilling place! I guess she likes that it warm up after the hot water, and that she is in the centre of action in the morning, watching me get ready in the morning.. Whatever the reason – the sink is her new favourite place! What odd places does you cat love?



  1. The girls all sleep in our main bathroom at night with their beds etc due to nightly terrorising of us and the dogs and the curtains…but the hand basin every morning has black panther fur in it..not pointing any fingers but Cleo is the only Panther……just sayin 😉 top of the fridge she also likes any book or paperwork I am reading, the very top of the wadrobe on a a suitcase…they crack me up 🙂 hugs Fozziemum xx

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