ARISTIDE: Hotel for cats only opens in Paris!

The French did it again! Just when you thought that you’ve seen it all with a café full of cats, they launch a Cat Hotel in the middle of Paris!

Well, it is nearly launched! This is a new project sponsored by crowdfunding from KissKissBankBank that just sounds amazing! The idea is to design a cat-friendly hotel, where you could leave your cats when you go on vacation. The founders already picked the place in the center of Paris, and are now collecting money to redesign it according to those amazing mock-ups!

Sounds like another great, cat-friendly idea! You can find out more and donate here.



  1. I always thought because hubby travels a lot for work that they should have room service kitties or pups for the traveller that misses having a friend…I would order one kitty for a night stay….and ay extra 🙂 xxx

      1. I would be a worry..only a fantasy idea for me and hubby when we miss the fur babies when we go away..but one resort hotel we stay at has a cat that turned up ten years ago as a young one knew from they had him desexed and vaccinated and they have been paying his vet bills ever since..twice we have been and on both occasions MAX wa there..he is in the foyer greeting people he goes room to room and if you want he will come into your room have a peek around relax..we were heading out early one morning and the cleaning lady was walking the other way down the hallway..Max was behind us,..she said..come on Max it’s time for your breakfast and off he went to get his breakfast..our last day he came in as if to check we had left his room clean got a pat and then left 🙂 this sold us on the place and we return with the hopes that Max is still happy and healthy 🙂

  2. What a pawesome place! If only my human would go on vacation and send me to Paris to stay here while she is away… A ladycat can dream can’t she?!

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