Happy New Year & Thank you Caren & Cody!!


Happy New Year to all of you!! Sorry for being so quiet the last week, I was in Latvia and my little furry munchkin was left behind. But now we are reunited and ready for a new year full of cat-posts!

2014 started off incredibly with an amazing present from Caren & Cody! I don’t know if you remember, but a few months ago we won the Simon’s Cat competition that Cody organised and we got the book! Needless to say that Brucy loves and adores it! Thank you Caren & Cody for such a sweet card and Happy New Year to all of you!!



  1. Oh what a GREAT way to start out the new year Brucy! A new Simons Cat book that you won from CAT CHAT! YAY!!!! Hope your holidays were grand…..and here’s to a wonderful new year.

    Hugs, Sammy

  2. Pawesome- I love Simon’s Cat and so does my human! He really captures the personality and behavior of we felines so well mew would almost think he must be part feline!
    Happy New Year Brucy and Family!

  3. OMG I still feel sooooooooooo bad about it taking me so long to mail that and I am soooooo sorry! I wanted to send a present for Brucy and I am sorry that I couldn’t, I had to mail three packages overseas and the rate was ridiculous!!!!!! Hopefully if 2014 is better financially I can make it up to Brucy! HAPPY HAPPY NEW YEAR! We love you!!!

    1. Thats so sweet of you!! Already when I saw how much you paid for delivery I was shocked!! If you still have my email, could you send me your address, we would love to send you a French thank you card!! Xoxoxo

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