Time to go on a diet??


In my opinion, Brucy started to get a bit chubby recently. Yes, I know it’s winter and we all stock up fat because its cold, and yes, I know that since she is getting older (and lazier), she runs around less so gaining weight is normal, but still!

So now Brucy is 2 years old and she weights 3.6kg or 8 pounds. What makes it difficult t know whether your cat is right weight is the fact that the ideal weight of the cat varies according its type:

For example a domestic cat should weights between 8-10 lbs when a Persian weighting 12 lbs, is considered fit as well. This useful website has a few tricks that allow you to check whether you cat is is overweight or not:

  1. Can you feel your cat’s ribs? You should be able to feel each rib distinctly with just a little fat covering beneath the skin.If you cannot feel his ribs at all, your cat is obese.
  2. When you look at your cat from above, can you see his waist? A cat’s waistline should go inwards. If your cat does not have a distinct waist or if it protrudes outwards, it is likely that your cat is overweight.
  3. Check the bony areas of your cat’s body. You should be able to feel the bones of the spine, shoulders, hips and base of the tail. There will be a slight fat covering, but the bones should feel prominent.
  4. When you view your cat from the side, does it have an abdominal tuck? Is the diameter of the cat’s waist smaller than its ribcage? If so, your cat is within a healthy weight range. If the waist is the same size or larger than the ribcage, your cat is likely to be carrying extra weight.

I can still feel Brucy’s bones and ribs, but only just.. Maybe we’ll introduce some extra running games, because I don’t think cutting food will work with her!

Check out this great infographic with some fun facts about cat weight!





  1. Brucy looks fine to me 🙂 Dinnermntz and Marbles are…hmmmm..pluxurious as I call it..Marbles has been having arthritis issues and since being on meds has been more active and hence slimming down a bit..Dinnermintz has no kibble due to a urinary issue with any dry food even special science types..she hasn’t lost weight though..she does have her food weighed up and is active…well as active as we can get her..the vet has also suggested making the girls search in the house for their food just to get them more up and going..as I say this Dinnermintz is stalking Marbles so the running exercise is about to begin!!!! hugs Fozziemum x

    1. Hahaha I think I will also soon start describing Brucy as “voluptuous” 😉
      Have you tried the house food hunt?? do you think it will work? I dont know if i’m up for hiding cat food throughout the house…

      1. I haven’t the dogs would get it..or the girls would get bored and I would be left with the mess..i would only do it with kibble and Dinnermintz can’t have it so..kinda impractical…xxxxx

  2. Brucy looks to be the perfect size to me, 8 lbs is about right, even below what a lot of cats who are on average 10-12 lbs., although maybe that’s American cats are and ones elsewhere may vary! Phoebe was what she called a ‘floofy’ ladycat at her largest 20 lbs and more recently 16, as we had been on an all wet food diet. Our vet told us the dry food has more carbs and calories, and the canned food being higher in protien sort of helped cats lose weight with the same theory as the Adkins diet does for humans. After a month of being fed only canned food, she did lose a pound a month!
    I am writing this through tears as I suddenly lost my best girl early yesterday morning. She had been sick with an upper respiratory infection and was on antibiotics, but her other health issues including asthma made her senior body weak and unable to fight anymore. She was my miracle at age 13 having almost lost her during other illness when she was younger.
    I know Brucy only has asthma and not an auto immune disease like Phoebe did, but it was the frequent steroid (1 to 2 shots per 4-6 weeks) injections that contributed to her gaining some of her weight. If Brucy does at some time go the injection route you should be able to keep her at a healthy weight by only needing to have them when absolute necessary. If her asthma does get to a point where she needs injections every 2 to 4 weeks, I would recommend you look in to the inhaler method of treatment. Cats with asthma can live a long happy life if looked after carefully, you are a good mother to keep an eye on her weight as doing so will also help her breathe easier as she gets older.
    She is a beautiful ladycat, and I look forward to hearing about her, her personality reminds me a lot of my Pheobe. 💗

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