Awful French man found guilty for torturing Oscar!


(Printscreen from the video – you can view the awful video by searching for “Oscar cat Marseille”)

Last week, the entire France was shocked following a video of a man throwing a kitten into the air and onto the pavement. This horrible man, Farid Ghilas, 24, filmed himself throwing a tiny kitten, called Oscar, towards the building and then falling hard on the ground. The man seemed quite proud and happy of his actions in the video.

Following the release of the video, the kitten was immediately taken away by the French Society for the Protection Of Animals, who said that the kitten had a stomach injury and a broken foot. He is still is a shock-state but is expected to make a full recovery.

Farid Ghilas, was found guilty of cruelty acts towards animals and was jailed for one year.

I find such actions completely mortifying and I hope this case will serve as an example for others and help us prevent further cases like this in the future!!


Oscar is currently recovering in the shelter!


  1. Cannot ‘like’ this at all..he is lucky he got one year in jail..if I had seen him he would not be breathing…..evil pure evil…I hope karma brings to him a lifetime of pain and suffering ..I hate cruelty to animals and the low lives who do this….barbaric…ashamed to be a human…again..

    1. I agree with you Charles…why should you be a better person though..god help anyone does anything to an animal in front of me…the blind rage would make me a most unpleasant person!!

  2. Je n’ai pas vu cette vidĂ©o et je refuse de la voir parce que je sais qu’elle va me briser le coeur.
    Je suis contente qu’il ait Ă©tĂ© condamnĂ©. J’arrive pas Ă  concevoir que l’on puisse faire de telles choses c’est vraiment Ă©coeurant !

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