Giving your cat a shower?


*Photos source

My favourite Russian advertising website AdMe published a hilarious post with a collection of photos of cats who just took a shower. Without hesitation, we can conclude that baths certainly don’t add beauty to our fluffy friends!

But what to do when you need to give you cat a shower because it is dirty, has ticks or is too hot? Should you force your cat into it? Most vets suggest showers when it can’t be avoided and the cat doesn’t seem to mind them. We make Brucy take showers because she doesn’t go outside, but she often gets wet because she loves falling into the bath when it’s full…

Do you have photos of your cat after a shower?



  1. My Angels Princess and Ms. Phoebe were the only two of my cats I ever bathed and that was only in the last few years of their life. Being seniors one had severe arthritis that made it difficult for her to twist or bend to clean her backside, rear, and tail and the other being large in size due to prednisone treatment side effects had a similar issue. Their fur would get greasy and then their skin flaky and uncomfortable, so it was a necessary task for their overall well being. It was only once or every other month and they became used to it. Bath time lovers they were not, but good troopers they were and gave me or the groomer no trouble. If you make it a calm, quiet experience while using lots of praise and reward them with a treat after, they will learn to comply and know you are only doing it in their best interest.

    1. You are lucky that Angels Princess & Ms. Phoebe behaved well! I think there are cases likes this when a bath is a must! In summer, I attempted to get Brucy into the shower as it was hot, and I think she quite liked it in the end! 🙂

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