The Cat Herders

Everyone at works knows about my passion for cats. Thus, now, every time someone sees an article, photo or a video about cat, they send it to me. Today one of my colleagues shared this amazing video with me. This commercial was filmed in 2006 by EDS to show how versatile their company is by making a comparison to cowboys herding cats! I love how well this ad is filmed that makes it so memorable! Some information on the ad:

Agency: Fallon, Minneapolis
Creative director: David Lubars
Art director: Dean Hanson
Copywriter: Greg Hahn
Executive producer: Judy Brink
Agency producer: Marty Wetherall
Director: John O’Hagan @ Hungry Man
Producer JD Davison
CGI: Sight Effects
Post producer: Bob Wendt
Editor: Gordon Carey @ Film Core
Sound and music: Margarita Mix de Santa Monica
Chief engineer: Jimmy Hite
Music: Asche & Spencer

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