The secret life of a cat: find out what your cat does when you are not around!


Sorry for not giving you any Brucy news for such a long time – I was away in London for a few days for work! As I love English TV so much, yesterday morning, I couldn’t resist watching some English shows. I came across a fascinating program on BBC about cats.

The experiment was to see what cats do when their owners are not around. A group of researchers attached very light micro-cameras with GPS tracking devices to the collars of different cats in Surrey, UK and studied their movements for a few weeks. The maps of their routes from a 24-hour period were then mapped and compared. The map shows exactly when are where each cat went and what it did (played with a string, chased the birds etc.)

What’s also were interesting is that the collars were specially designed for each cat to make sure they are the right size and weight.

I think this is a fascinating experiment that shows how much the characters of the cats differ and how active they are during the day despite what we think!

Check out the maps and the video recordings of the cats’ movements here!



  1. I would love to have a custom camera to put on mine and see just what it is he is up to during the day! I have always found this fascinating since seeing ‘Cooper The Photographer Cat’ on Animal Planet and Facebook. His adventures are amazing and really document cat’s intelligence and understanding of their world.

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