Brucy at the Oscars! #selfie


Brucy and I loooove the Oscars and Ellen, so we couldn’t miss this selfie chance!

Despite the joy of watching the Oscars – Brucy had quite a difficult weekend! Saturday morning she woke everyone up early because she was meowing really loudly and then started being sick. I immediately suspected that she ate something toxic but as she eats everything she finds in the house – it was difficult to say what exactly provoked the reaction! I hid all the plants, and after a while she started feeling better.

Sunday morning the mystery was solved! I saw her eat the flower bulb of a daffodil and then a few minutes later she started being sick again! I realized that daffodils are extremely poisonous for cats and his them away. . Poor thing – I wish I knew before!

So beware of daffodils and double check your plants are not toxic for cats before buying them!


  1. I hope Brucy is ok!! I am an indoor/outdoor cat and we have a gazillion plants around. I have learnt to keep away from the bad ones!

    I wondered who that gorgeous kitty was in Ellen’s selfie!! mol

  2. I recommend you visit the ASPCA Pet Poison website to view a list of all toxic plants for cats and dogs:
    Also program your local vet, the local 24 hr Emergency Vet Hospital’s, and the ASPCA’s Pet Poison Control Hotline in to your contact list on your cell phone so you have them handy in case of a dire situation and advice on what to do- waiting can cost your baby their life.
    Not all cats eat plants, but there are ones like Brucy who do and it is good for every pet parent to be aware of the toxic ones. My now angel cat Černy was like Brucy so I had to become knowledgeable on what to do in case to help save her life AND to keep myself from having a nervous breakdown!
    Poor Brucy! She is a curious ladycat who is very lucky. If you enjoy plants there are some well made fake ones nowadays that look great for that homey look, as well as give you piece of mind that your plant eater will not be in danger.
    Brucy is such a lovely ladycat in her night at the Oscars, you must have been jealous she got to hang with Ellen!

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