How to grow cat grass!


I think that all cats in the world love cat grass. It is full of vitamins, it is crunchy and fresh! You can either buy pre-packaged cat grass in supermarkets and at the vets or you can grow it yourself. The big secret is that “cat grass seeds” are actually simple oat or wheat seeds! So, all you need is:

– Potting soil

– Oat seeds

– Plastic pot

– Water

I normally first soak the seeds in water, in a pot, on a paper towel for a free days to get the growing. Once you see that the seeds start to grow, transfer them to your pot with soil and water it. I would say that it takes a week for the grass to grow.

You can also plant the seeds directly into the pot (without soaking them first), but then cover the pot with plastic wrap to speed-up the growing!

Do you grow your own cat grass? What are your tips?



  1. I grew some for my friend’s cat, who loved it so much, he ate most of it the first time he saw it. Next day, he knocked the pot off the top of the fridge and finished the rest! Ever seen this type of response?

      1. Good point. He’s super-energetic and loves to attack things (but not people, unless he’s provoked playfully) so I thought it was just that inclination. He seems happy and healthy, but … what you said. hmmmm

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