Fashion Picks

Wooo hoo – Valentine’s day is coming up!!


Brucy and I have started thinking about Valentine’s day that is coming up, and we are the few that actually love this day!

So I asked Brucy to give me some ideas on what I should ask for on this day (as I fully trust Brucy’s fashion opinion). We decided to have a look at ModCloth, as they have a fun Valentine’s day selection.

Some of her favourites included (from left to right):

Cute Polaroid Love Notecards at $14.99

A gorgeous heart-shaped belt at $14.99

A very UK-chic Cambridge Satchel at $164.99

Beautiful heels at $74.99

Fun, heart-shaped necklace (for your bff) at $36.99

Stunning navy-blue loafers for “me & you” at $39.99

Great selection of gifts for your loved ones (or presents that you can ask for;))


The perfect cat-christmas present!


Are you looking for an original Christmas present for a cat-lover? Nothing beats those stunning cat embroided shirts made by a Japanese designer Hiro Kubota! Those orginal shirts are sold at $250 on his profile, at Etsy. Unfortunately, due to their popularity, the shirts are sold out at the moment, but I am not loosing hope that they will reappear for the Christmas period!


Purrr-fect shopping


It’s been a while since I’ve done my “cat-lady-shopping” posts, so today, I’ve decided to give you a fresh new selection! I was browsing on Modcloth and came across those purrrr-fect things that every cat-lover must have! I am dying to get that dress…

Cat weekend fashion


What really annoys me is that are about a million websites that specialise in clothing for dogs, but there are just a few that do cat fashion. This week I did a post on a fashion line that does clothing for Spynx cats, and today I wanted to bring you some more cat-fashion! Pet co is one of the websites that doesn’t forget about cats and proposes a nice selection of fun costumes, like the ones on the photo above! I think Brucy would look splendid in the sushi outfit. The only problem is that she hates putting things on… Do you dress you cat? Share your cute photos! Happy weekend everyone!

Back to school cat-fashion


I don’t know how it is in the U.S. but in Europe everyone has just gone fashion-cat-crazy. Every store is filled with cat-print tops, dresses, bags etc.. it’s amazing! So here is our latest “back to school” cat selection:

Cat Notebook from Modcloth for $9.99

Hype Cat Sweatshirt from ASOS for €52.05

Cat top from H&M for €17.95

Men Ninja Cat top from ASOS for €15.62

Friday Fashion Picks


Worn By, cat t-shirt – at ASOS, 29,16 €

Lucky Cat Toothbrush Holder – at Urban Outfitters, £12.00

Cat // Aware, iPhone case – at Society 6, $15.00

Tabby Cat Kigu, cat jumpsuit – at Urban Outfitters, £50.00

It’s sales time in France at the moment and it is terribly hard to resist the temptation of shopping every day!! But those cool finds and just too cat-cute to miss!

Amazing cat bag!


I love love love this awesome cat clutch!! How stylish is that? Found it on Choies and I must get it! And it’s only $41.99 😉

What are your thoughts? I think it is a cat-lady-must-have!