Awful French man found guilty for torturing Oscar!


(Printscreen from the video – you can view the awful video by searching for “Oscar cat Marseille”)

Last week, the entire France was shocked following a video of a man throwing a kitten into the air and onto the pavement. This horrible man, Farid Ghilas, 24, filmed himself throwing a tiny kitten, called Oscar, towards the building and then falling hard on the ground. The man seemed quite proud and happy of his actions in the video.

Following the release of the video, the kitten was immediately taken away by the French Society for the Protection Of Animals, who said that the kitten had a stomach injury and a broken foot. He is still is a shock-state but is expected to make a full recovery.

Farid Ghilas, was found guilty of cruelty acts towards animals and was jailed for one year.

I find such actions completely mortifying and I hope this case will serve as an example for others and help us prevent further cases like this in the future!!


Oscar is currently recovering in the shelter!

Most Funny Cats Fail Compilation!

To cheer everyone up this cold Thursday evening – I decided to share with you this amazing cat -fails compilation video! Impossible to watch these kittens without laughing!

Cat-inspired Christmas Shopping!


Ahh it’s time to make your wishlists pick those Christmas presents!! I would looove to have any of those amazing things; and what do you want to get this Christmas? Maybe a…:

Society6 cat print – $27.04

Modcloth Kitty purse – $39.99

Modcloth Herding Cats Photo Clips – $11.99

Forever 21 Cat Makue-up Bag – 6.90 euros

Making a cat birthday-cake?


Brucy’s birthday is coming up next Sunday, and I’ve been thinking of cooking her a special cat-cake!

Which lead me to the question – what human food can cats eat? I know I’ve been giving her occasional treats from our table like chicken, mince, canned peas..but what ingredients are officially good for cat?

According to this interesting article at Care2, there are actually quite a lot of things cats can eat. We all know that a bit of meat and fish is ok (as long as there is little oil, as fatty acids prevent the absorption of vitamin E), but did you know that cats can also eat scrambled eggs and steamed broccoli? Apparently, some vegetables, such as carrots, beans and broccoli are also quite good for cats, as long as they are steamed! Brucy loves canned vegetables such as peas and carrots, so I think I will use those in her “birthday cake”! Have you cooked for your cat? Share some recipes!

Anything for a bit of chicken!


Yesterday, we made over-roasted chicken. Brucy did EVERYTHING in her power to try to convince us to give her a piece – she rubbed herself against my legs, arms, tried cuddling, purring, attacking the chicken when I wasn’t looking, doing her cat-from-shrek-eyes, but I managed to stay strict and not give her anything! Well, ok, this is a bit of a lie, of course she got some chicken left-over after dinner..

Mouse trap!


Last week was a very exciting time for me at work as we moved into a new office. Although the new office is stunning in its design, we soon discovered that we have a small furry neighbour. Yes, you are right – we discovered a cute little mouse! She, and I called her Ratatouille, bravely kept coming out of different floor holes and eating cookies in the kitchen!

As my work colleagues are well familiar with Brucy via our blog, they all suggested bringing Brucy to chase Ratatouille. But I found it unbelievably cruel! I think it is a bit cruel to chase the poor mouse or leave mouse traps.. What do you think? Do your cats chase the mice away?

Buying cat toys on Etsy?


I love Etsy and I’ve bought many times vintage jewellery and unique art prints. But recently, I’ve discovered that on Etsy you can also buy hand-made cat toys! Like this seller, FrankNstitch, sells a whole selection of hand-sewed catnip toys! What I love is how unique the toys are and that you can see all the product reviews. Etsy toys also seem more authentic than bought toys and seem to cost less (this one is just $5). What are your thoughts? Have you ever bought/considered buying/sold cat toys on Etsy?

Cats’ sixth sense: can they predict earthquakes?


Brucy has an adorable nose. But what is absolutely incredible about cats’ noses is their vital importance – cats use this organ to find food, other cats and to find its territory. Did you know that cats’ sense of smell is 14 times stronger than that of a human?

But what is particularly interesting about cats’ noses is the Jacobson’s Organ (the vomeronasal organ (VNO)). This organ is located inside a cat’s mouth, behind the front teeth, and connects to the nasal cavity. It works like something like a scent analyser and is primarily used to identify pheromones from other cats. So when a cat starts sensing a strong smell, it opens its mouth and uses its tongue to flick the smell to the Jacobson’s organ, for further “analysis”.

According to experts, the organ is not only used to smell food and other cats’ smells , but also to act as a “six sense”, and can feel unusual occurrences, such as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis.. How amazing is that? So it is true that watching our feline friends can help us prepare for natural disasters! Did you know about this?

Animal Expo 2013


Hope you all spend a gorgeous weekend, because Brucy and I had an amazing one!! We went to the Animal Fair Trade show! The Animal Expo is organised in Paris every year, regrouping over 10,000 animals and 40K visitors! This was the second time I went, and it just gets better every year!

What is great about this exhibition is its size – there is a huge exhibition hall for cats and dogs and another huge pavilion packed with chinchillas, ferrets, snakes, bunnies and other fun creatures!

I obviously spent around 5 hours among the cats and kittens. I love chatting with the owners – some of them travelling over 10 hours for this 2-day show. During the day, the owners prepare their cats for the jury, speak to visitors, trying to find buyers for the kittens. I was so tempted to walk off with a cute Abyssinian kitten, but I had to resist… Instead I went shopping crazy, buying Brucy many new toys!

Check out those amazing photos from the show:


Meet Memebon – the cutest kitten in the world!


Have you heard about Memebon? I only discovered this adorable kitten today that was named the “cutest kitten in the world”!

Memebon is an Exotic Shorthair kitten, a breed that comes from the Persian cat but with shorter hair. It is a new breed , that is known for affectionate and loyal cats.

Memebon’s owner, Sakurako Shimizu, has a Japanese blog where he records Memebon’s cutest moments, like taking a bath and playing with bubbles. You should definitely check out the blog – even though it is in Japanese, it is just packed with cute photos and videos!

But I still consider Brucy cuter…