How would you caption this photo?


I know that many of you bloggers love the “How would you caption this photo” posts. I never did one, but when I saw this cute photo on Catmoji, I just couldn’t resist. So are you ready for the bi question? How would you caption this photo? 😉

My dream house if I ever win a lottery!


Have you heard about Goldtatze? He is a German designer who completely remodelled his house, turning it into a cat heaven! How amazing does this look? Check out his website for more amazing photos!



Time to go on a diet??


In my opinion, Brucy started to get a bit chubby recently. Yes, I know it’s winter and we all stock up fat because its cold, and yes, I know that since she is getting older (and lazier), she runs around less so gaining weight is normal, but still!

So now Brucy is 2 years old and she weights 3.6kg or 8 pounds. What makes it difficult t know whether your cat is right weight is the fact that the ideal weight of the cat varies according its type:

For example a domestic cat should weights between 8-10 lbs when a Persian weighting 12 lbs, is considered fit as well. This useful website has a few tricks that allow you to check whether you cat is is overweight or not:

  1. Can you feel your cat’s ribs? You should be able to feel each rib distinctly with just a little fat covering beneath the skin.If you cannot feel his ribs at all, your cat is obese.
  2. When you look at your cat from above, can you see his waist? A cat’s waistline should go inwards. If your cat does not have a distinct waist or if it protrudes outwards, it is likely that your cat is overweight.
  3. Check the bony areas of your cat’s body. You should be able to feel the bones of the spine, shoulders, hips and base of the tail. There will be a slight fat covering, but the bones should feel prominent.
  4. When you view your cat from the side, does it have an abdominal tuck? Is the diameter of the cat’s waist smaller than its ribcage? If so, your cat is within a healthy weight range. If the waist is the same size or larger than the ribcage, your cat is likely to be carrying extra weight.

I can still feel Brucy’s bones and ribs, but only just.. Maybe we’ll introduce some extra running games, because I don’t think cutting food will work with her!

Check out this great infographic with some fun facts about cat weight!



Merry Christmas from Brucy!


So excited about Christmas and I am forcing Brucy to get into Christmas spirit too! The poor little thing again had her asthma attack this night, so this year, all I will be wishing for Christmas is healthy for my little fur ball!

Cat-inspired Christmas Shopping!


Ahh it’s time to make your wishlists pick those Christmas presents!! I would looove to have any of those amazing things; and what do you want to get this Christmas? Maybe a…:

Society6 cat print – $27.04

Modcloth Kitty purse – $39.99

Modcloth Herding Cats Photo Clips – $11.99

Forever 21 Cat Makue-up Bag – 6.90 euros

Sign the petition against vivisection!


You have just 6 days to sign the petition against vivisection in the European Union. As you probably know, unfortunately, every year, thousands of products are tested by various companies on animals (mostly mammals with a central nervous system).

A petition “Stop Vivestion” has been started to urge the European Union to adopt a different scientific approach that doesn’t require tests on living animals.

Sign it by 31 October, 2013, and if all countries reach the required number of signatures (proportional to size and population) the petition will be considered and a law restricting animal testing should  be implemented.

Sign the petition – it will change so many lives of our furry friends!!

Guess her favourite!


I love going a bit shopping crazy when I shop for Brucy but I rarely get it right! This weekend we went to the Animal Show and I bought Brucy loads of presents – but guess what toy she liked the most?

I picked a few sticks with furry feathers on the end and bells, a small mouse with a bell inside, a grass wheel with more feathers and a very smelly mouse stuffed with catnip.

Your guess? Brucy loved the tiny mouse most! It’s been 3 days that she throws the little mouse around the apartment and despite losing all of its resemblance to a mouse- it still stays her favourite toy! What are your cat’s favourite toys? And does anyone’s cat actually like catnip as I think it just stinks horribly!

Animal Expo 2013


Hope you all spend a gorgeous weekend, because Brucy and I had an amazing one!! We went to the Animal Fair Trade show! The Animal Expo is organised in Paris every year, regrouping over 10,000 animals and 40K visitors! This was the second time I went, and it just gets better every year!

What is great about this exhibition is its size – there is a huge exhibition hall for cats and dogs and another huge pavilion packed with chinchillas, ferrets, snakes, bunnies and other fun creatures!

I obviously spent around 5 hours among the cats and kittens. I love chatting with the owners – some of them travelling over 10 hours for this 2-day show. During the day, the owners prepare their cats for the jury, speak to visitors, trying to find buyers for the kittens. I was so tempted to walk off with a cute Abyssinian kitten, but I had to resist… Instead I went shopping crazy, buying Brucy many new toys!

Check out those amazing photos from the show: