Cats are best building buddies!


Following a very exciting trip to IKEA this weekend (you can’t NOT love IKEA!) we had some building to do and obviously Brucy was there to help! I think the absolute best part of IKEA is that it is fun for everyone – especially cats and they get SO much cardboard and boxes to play in after!

Sadly, Brucy’s asthma seems to be getting worse and she often wakes up coughing – the poor thing.. The vet suggested giving her a shot with a high level of steroids, but I think it might be a bit too much for her liver at her young age.. What’s your opinion? Have you given your cat medications at an early age?

Merry Christmas from Brucy!


So excited about Christmas and I am forcing Brucy to get into Christmas spirit too! The poor little thing again had her asthma attack this night, so this year, all I will be wishing for Christmas is healthy for my little fur ball!

X-ray confusion


We had a very bizarre visit to the vet today with Brucy. As you know, she has been dignosed with asthma, so we did a few weeks of medication but she continued coughing. We decided to do a lung x-ray just to double check that everything is ok. So, from the x-ray, the vet concluded that her lungs do look inflamed and advised for us to continue medication.

However, the vet also was shocked to see how rounded her spine is (the curve on the left hand-side). She said that it is abnormal but that Brucy was probably born like that. When I came home, I stated looking up sample cat x-rays and I was surprised to see that all cats’ vertebral columns have a similar curve. Maybe not as extreme as in Brucy’s case, but there definitely is a curve.

So was our vet wrong? Is it normal to have a curve like that? Have your cats had x-rays?

Staying positive no matter what


I don’t know if you have been following the whole story about Brucy having asthma.. but in summary, a few weeks ago, she was diagnosed with asthma and we started medication. It seemed to be helping, but then she had another attack and then yesterday, she had another asthma attack. It is probably linked to air pollution, as at the moment, the pollution is exceptionally high in Paris. So, we are scheduled for a lung X-ray on Monday, to check what is going on.. This is all very worrying for me, as she is still so young and it’s horrible to see her struggle breathing. But no matter what, we stay positive and we are sure everything will be alright! We will keep you updated!



This was a difficult weekend for us because Brucy was diagnosed with asthma. She has been having coughing attacks and trouble breathing, and at first I thought it is just an ordinary hairball. But as she kept coughing, I decided to take her to the vet. Luckily, I recorded a video of Brucy coughing so it was easier for the vet to diagnose her accurately. Brucy was put on a 6 day medication course that is learnt to ease her asthma attack.

Like in humans, asthma in cats is provoked by allergens (such as tobacco smoke, pollen, sprays) leading to respiration problems and coughing. During an asthma attack, the cat sits with her shoulders hunched with her mouth open, straining to breathe. Brucy’s asthma attacks last around 4 minutes and it is very frightening to watch. We have started medication yesterday and so far she didn’t have another attack. According to our vet, asthma attacks are quite unpredictable and the medication depends on the frequency of attacks.

At the moment, Brucy is ok and active like always. This is all a bit scary but we will get thought this! Have you heard about cats’ asthma?