cat tree

The best cat tree in the world?


I am absolutely in love with this bookcase and cat tree in one – CatCase! I remember spending days looking for a cat tree that is not in neon or in awful leopard print.. This is the perfect solution for people who search for a cat tree that is functional and design!

The best part is that your books are safe as the shelves containing them are protected by a back wall. The only tiny negative is the price – I am sure that many of you agree that 1249 euros is a little bit steep.. But what if we would construct an alternative using the basic Ikea shelves? Anyone wants to take the challenge? 🙂

Buying a cat tree? Why not DIY?



I wanted to do a post on DIY cat scratch trees as most of our cats love them but they can be quite expensive. For example, we have 3 scratch trees+posts at our apartment and each is about 40 euros.

I have discovered numerous websites that have step by step tutorials on how to make a scratch tree yourself. In summary, the idea is similar and simple – use a hot glue gun to wrap sisal rope around legs of the table or plastic poles and for the base of your scratch tree, you can either use a shelf or a carpet. Sounds pretty simple, right? What’s nice is that you can personalise and design the tree like you want! Great DIY project 🙂

I found this great tutorial at IdealHomeGarden, have a look and tell me what you think!