Best present ever??


I got the BEST present ever today! One of my work colleagues just returned from the U.S. and as all my colleagues know about my blog (I subscribed everyone with the work emails to my blog..), he obviously knew that I am a bit of a crazy-cat lady. So as a present, he got me those amazing grumpy cat headphones!! How amazing are those?? I love them so much that I am thinking of organising a giveaway with a similar copy to win! What do you think? Would you participate?


Meet Memebon – the cutest kitten in the world!


Have you heard about Memebon? I only discovered this adorable kitten today that was named the “cutest kitten in the world”!

Memebon is an Exotic Shorthair kitten, a breed that comes from the Persian cat but with shorter hair. It is a new breed , that is known for affectionate and loyal cats.

Memebon’s owner, Sakurako Shimizu, has a Japanese blog where he records Memebon’s cutest moments, like taking a bath and playing with bubbles. You should definitely check out the blog – even though it is in Japanese, it is just packed with cute photos and videos!

But I still consider Brucy cuter…

Heat wave


It’s been exceptionally hot in Paris this last week. Brucy is really struggling, the poor thing, and passes most of the time on the balcony. I try to give her food only in the mornings, because I don’t want it to overheat and change her water 3 times a day.

Her favourite spot at the moment is on out mini-balcony next to my avocado tree. Yes, it is a real avocado tree that I planted from a seed 🙂

How is your furry pet handling the heat? What are your tips for handling this hot summer?

Poodle cats!


Have you guys heard of poodle cats? Poodle cats were first bread in 1987 as a result of a genetic mutation. Today, there are up to 4 breeds of poodle cats, all known for their beautiful curly fur. Selkirk Rex is one of the latest poodle cats’ breeds – especially curly and cute 🙂 I find poodle cats quite adorable, what do you think? Check out this fun video on Selkirk Rex!



Is there anything cuter in the world than cat paws? I don’t think so. I am sure you will love this Tumblr, that collects cat-paw-scans from all around the web! Cuteness!