Cat-inspired Christmas Shopping!


Ahh it’s time to make your wishlists pick those Christmas presents!! I would looove to have any of those amazing things; and what do you want to get this Christmas? Maybe a…:

Society6 cat print – $27.04

Modcloth Kitty purse – $39.99

Modcloth Herding Cats Photo Clips – $11.99

Forever 21 Cat Makue-up Bag – 6.90 euros

Putting up a Christmas tree with a cat in the house!



The holiday period is coming up and before you say anything, NO it’s not too early to put up a Christmas tree! We’ve put ours up yesterday but immediately we were faced with a challenge – how to keep our Christmas tree save from Brucy?

First advice – try to avoid crystal, glass decoration balls. The first thing Brucy did was jump on the Christmas tree and try to knock down as many balls as she possibly could. It was then that we realised that plastic balls was a good solution.

Second, maybe stick to a plastic tree. Yes, the real ones smell nicer. Yes, the plastic ones don’t look natural… But if your cat, like mine, loves eating all plants- it will be better for you cat and your Christmas tree to stick to fake one.

Thirdly, do not make gingerbread cookies. I love decorating Christmas trees with baked cookies, but as Brucy eats EVERYTHING she finds, I decided that this year, I will avoid doing this..

I hope those Christmas tree tips will help your Christmas tree survive through the holiday season! How are you preparing for Christmas?

Fabulous Friday cat-shopping!


It’s the end of the working week and everyone is thinking about the weekend! What will you be doing this weekend? I love shopping, so I know that I will be spending a large portion of my free time (and money)  shopping away! But the weather forecast is not looking amazing for the weekend ahead, so I might have to shop online.

For other shopaholics like myself – check out this online selection of fabulous cat things from

Modko designer cat litter box for 129€

Woop studios cat cotton print 76,25€

LoveThyBeast cat pyramid house for 22€

Leather cat-shaped desk organiser for 38€

Etsy purrrr-inspiration!



Cats Map of the World Map – 18 €

Christmas ornament tree decoration – 9 €

Cats cushion cover  – 35 €

Porcelaine tea cups “bowtie cat” – 17 €

Everyone loves Etsy – the largest online collection of hand-made and vintage goods. Etsy is a great place to find that unique gift for someone you care about or if you are looking to decorate your house with original items. I have selected for you some fun, cat-themed items, all found at Etsy at a very reasonable price! Check them out 🙂

Cat-inspired home


1. Sanderson’s « Omega Cats » wallpaper – Jown Lewis, £41.00

2. Ibrine “Irina Visconti” tray –, £66.50

3. The Affair’s “Behemoth The Cat Bulgakov” art print –, £19.90

4. Alphabet bag’s “The Cat’s Pyjamas” tote bag –, £13.00

Let’s be honest – we all love cats and love clothes, accessories and home ware items with cats on them. Luckily for us, it is possible to find cat-inspired home décor items that are also contemporary and cool (and do not shout “crazy cat lady”). I decided to give you a selection of my latest home “must-haves” that would allow you to integrate discretely (*cough*) your passion-for-cats into your home interior.

I especially love the limited edition “Master and Margarita” art print from a new London printing brand, The Affair. This stunning print is dedicated to one the most memorable characters from this novel – Begemoth, the cat. A must-have for a cat and/or literature lover!