Awful French man found guilty for torturing Oscar!


(Printscreen from the video – you can view the awful video by searching for “Oscar cat Marseille”)

Last week, the entire France was shocked following a video of a man throwing a kitten into the air and onto the pavement. This horrible man, Farid Ghilas, 24, filmed himself throwing a tiny kitten, called Oscar, towards the building and then falling hard on the ground. The man seemed quite proud and happy of his actions in the video.

Following the release of the video, the kitten was immediately taken away by the French Society for the Protection Of Animals, who said that the kitten had a stomach injury and a broken foot. He is still is a shock-state but is expected to make a full recovery.

Farid Ghilas, was found guilty of cruelty acts towards animals and was jailed for one year.

I find such actions completely mortifying and I hope this case will serve as an example for others and help us prevent further cases like this in the future!!


Oscar is currently recovering in the shelter!

ARISTIDE: Hotel for cats only opens in Paris!

The French did it again! Just when you thought that you’ve seen it all with a café full of cats, they launch a Cat Hotel in the middle of Paris!

Well, it is nearly launched! This is a new project sponsored by crowdfunding from KissKissBankBank that just sounds amazing! The idea is to design a cat-friendly hotel, where you could leave your cats when you go on vacation. The founders already picked the place in the center of Paris, and are now collecting money to redesign it according to those amazing mock-ups!

Sounds like another great, cat-friendly idea! You can find out more and donate here.

Anything for a bit of chicken!


Yesterday, we made over-roasted chicken. Brucy did EVERYTHING in her power to try to convince us to give her a piece – she rubbed herself against my legs, arms, tried cuddling, purring, attacking the chicken when I wasn’t looking, doing her cat-from-shrek-eyes, but I managed to stay strict and not give her anything! Well, ok, this is a bit of a lie, of course she got some chicken left-over after dinner..

Vote for “Frightening Brucy”!


Have you voted for Brucy?? Brucy is participating in an amazing Halloween contest organised by amazing Sammy from OneSpoiledCat and you must vote!! Our photo may not be the most frightening entry (there are some scary photos participating) but we think it still is fairly frightening! Search for the photo above called “Frightening Brucy” and just click “VOTE” !

Thank you all 🙂


ImageThis will be the first blog post dedicated to the life of cat called Brucy, a unique cat born and raised in Paris, France.

One thing you need to know about Brucy is that she is completely and utterly mad. If she is not running around like crazy, jumping on walls, she is probably busy destroying books, plants or finishing any food you accidently left lying around.

Brucy was born on November 17, 2011, in Paris, France and joined my family at a humble age of 3 months. We hesitated with the name. It was a tough call between “Trouble” and “Sausage”. Finally, as my boyfriend (at the time) is a mad fan of Bruce Springsteen, he made the call, naming our new family member Brucy (“Bruce” with a feminine touch ;)). Ever since, Brucy and I have moved several apartments, travelled a bit, accumulated more cat toys but still settled down in Paris.

I decided to start this blog for a few reasons :

– To share with you tips and tricks I have learned about cats while living with Brucy

– To share with you our opinions on cat products (as I am a marketing victim, I buy ALL news products that come out for cats)

– And just to complain about all the naughty things Brucy does (destroys, eats, scratches etc..).

So hopefully you will enjoy our Paris cat blog and feel free to introduce yourself too!