Cat-Book List & Giveaway Coming Soon!


I’ve done so many cat-fashion, home décor, cat-inspired beauty tips posts but I’ve never done one on cat-themed books! So this week, I felt inspired to give you guys my selection of top 4 cat books! All of them are just filled with cuteness and are a perfect way to fight those January-post-cavation-blues!

Here are my favourites:

And the best part is that the book that wins the poll will be in my first ever giveaway! Yes, that’s right – you pick the book you want to win! So vote for your favourite book and stay tuned for the giveaway coming up soon (open to all residents, everywhere)!!!

Best present ever??


I got the BEST present ever today! One of my work colleagues just returned from the U.S. and as all my colleagues know about my blog (I subscribed everyone with the work emails to my blog..), he obviously knew that I am a bit of a crazy-cat lady. So as a present, he got me those amazing grumpy cat headphones!! How amazing are those?? I love them so much that I am thinking of organising a giveaway with a similar copy to win! What do you think? Would you participate?

Vote for “Frightening Brucy”!


Have you voted for Brucy?? Brucy is participating in an amazing Halloween contest organised by amazing Sammy from OneSpoiledCat and you must vote!! Our photo may not be the most frightening entry (there are some scary photos participating) but we think it still is fairly frightening! Search for the photo above called “Frightening Brucy” and just click “VOTE” !

Thank you all 🙂

Thank you Caren and Cody!


Something absolutely unexpected and amazing happened yesterday : Brucy and I won a competition!! Unexpected – because we never, and I mean, NEVER, win anything! Hence when we participated in the competition organised by our friend Caren at Cat Chat, this was more to support her than to actually hope to win. Surprisingly – we did! So once again, a huge thank you to Caren & Cody and dont’ forget to check out their amazing blog here!