The best cat tree in the world?


I am absolutely in love with this bookcase and cat tree in one – CatCase! I remember spending days looking for a cat tree that is not in neon or in awful leopard print.. This is the perfect solution for people who search for a cat tree that is functional and design!

The best part is that your books are safe as the shelves containing them are protected by a back wall. The only tiny negative is the price – I am sure that many of you agree that 1249 euros is a little bit steep.. But what if we would construct an alternative using the basic Ikea shelves? Anyone wants to take the challenge? 🙂

My dream house if I ever win a lottery!


Have you heard about Goldtatze? He is a German designer who completely remodelled his house, turning it into a cat heaven! How amazing does this look? Check out his website for more amazing photos!



Fabulous Friday cat-shopping!


It’s the end of the working week and everyone is thinking about the weekend! What will you be doing this weekend? I love shopping, so I know that I will be spending a large portion of my free time (and money)  shopping away! But the weather forecast is not looking amazing for the weekend ahead, so I might have to shop online.

For other shopaholics like myself – check out this online selection of fabulous cat things from Fab.com:

Modko designer cat litter box for 129€

Woop studios cat cotton print 76,25€

LoveThyBeast cat pyramid house for 22€

Leather cat-shaped desk organiser for 38€

Purrr-fect shopping


It’s been a while since I’ve done my “cat-lady-shopping” posts, so today, I’ve decided to give you a fresh new selection! I was browsing on Modcloth and came across those purrrr-fect things that every cat-lover must have! I am dying to get that dress…

Cat-inspired home


1. Sanderson’s « Omega Cats » wallpaper – Jown Lewis, £41.00

2. Ibrine “Irina Visconti” tray – Nest.co.uk, £66.50

3. The Affair’s “Behemoth The Cat Bulgakov” art print – notonthehighstreet.com, £19.90

4. Alphabet bag’s “The Cat’s Pyjamas” tote bag – notonthehighstreet.com, £13.00

Let’s be honest – we all love cats and love clothes, accessories and home ware items with cats on them. Luckily for us, it is possible to find cat-inspired home décor items that are also contemporary and cool (and do not shout “crazy cat lady”). I decided to give you a selection of my latest home “must-haves” that would allow you to integrate discretely (*cough*) your passion-for-cats into your home interior.

I especially love the limited edition “Master and Margarita” art print from a new London printing brand, The Affair. This stunning print is dedicated to one the most memorable characters from this novel – Begemoth, the cat. A must-have for a cat and/or literature lover!