Adorable Asian cat phone accessories @Hamee_World


One of my work colleagues just came back from Korea and as a present brought me this adorable headphone cat plug ! Apparently it is a big trend in Korea at the moment and you can get whole variety of cat accessories for your phone! The cat fixes to your phone through the headphone plug and it hold on quite well!

On this website, you can have a look at other cat headphone plugs available that even includes two cats!!





iPhone 5s unlocked by cat paws!

Everyone’s been obsessing the last few days about the new iPhones, especially iPhone 5S that has a finger print scanner. But guess what? Your cat can unlock the iPhone too! TechCrunch discovered that cat paws work perfectly on the iPhone scanner! Will you get your cat an iPhone now?

Friday Fashion Picks


Worn By, cat t-shirt – at ASOS, 29,16 €

Lucky Cat Toothbrush Holder – at Urban Outfitters, £12.00

Cat // Aware, iPhone case – at Society 6, $15.00

Tabby Cat Kigu, cat jumpsuit – at Urban Outfitters, £50.00

It’s sales time in France at the moment and it is terribly hard to resist the temptation of shopping every day!! But those cool finds and just too cat-cute to miss!