Amazing cat bed from the Oregon Cat project


The Oregon Cat Project, organisation that aims to eliminate euthanasia of homeless cats, posted this photo of a cat bed. I love it (not only because the cat looks like Brucy but also because the cats look so comfortable in it!!! They didn’t post where the bed can be bought so if you’ve seen it anywhere- let me know!!

Cutting cat’s nails – mission impossible?


I was looking towards last weekend for a very long time. And no, it has nothing to do with sport events – it was Brucy’s yearly vaccine day!

And what’s so exciting about this vet’s visit, you may ask?

I love taking Brucy to the vet because the vet cuts her claws. Let me explain – Brucy is a lovely, adorable cat, but despite the numerous scratching posts that fill up our apartment, she has scalpel-like claws. Cutting them, I am afraid to admit, is mission impossible. Even when three people try holding her, the moment I take out the scissors, Brucy turns into a screaming and biting wild animal that doesn’t calm down until she gets away.

So this Saturday, I took Brucy to the vet, looking forward to the manicure. Small note: last time Brucy went to a vet (a different one), she bit the vet’s finger and the vet started bleeding, so we had to stop. This time, following my warning, the vet and her assistant prepared for the cutting. But the second Brucy saw the scissors – she bit into the vet’s hand and it became clear that the manicure will not happen.

The vet said that maybe once Brucy got hurt when we were cutting her claws and that is why now she hates it..

Do you manage to cut your cats claws?? If so, share your secret!!

All I want for Christmas…


Ahh Christmas is coming so soon and I still have so many presents to get!! Including presents for Brucy!! I am torn apart while picking her gifts – should be a new bed? Or a scratch tree? Or new toys??

I love this gorgeous banana leaf scratch tree, but I also know her love for tunnels and I know she would love this one.

Or maybe a new addition to her Catit Senses toys? Or maybe I should treat her to some dried fish snacks? Ah the choice is too difficult! What are you getting your cat for Christmas?

Simply awful

I know my blog is meant to be all about cats and only cats, but I saw this today and I was just so shocked that I had to share. The photos above were taken by a photographer Ren Netherland at various creative dog grooming competitions. Yes, apparently those are legal competitions where dogs get fur-dyed and shaved to look like different cartoon characters. I think this is just awful and must be stopped! What are your thoughts?

Cat lady’s fashion picks!

Passion for fashion

“Cat’s pajamas” t-shirt – Urban Outfitters for 18 €

Vintage cat vest – ASOS for 79,53 €

Kitty’ ballerina – Charlotte Olympia at FarFetch 588 €

“The entire cat population is my friend” hoodie – The Ballet Cats for $ 36

I don’t know if you have already realized it, but I am a true “cat lady”. If something has a picture of a cat on it – I want to have it! So this post is on my latest selection of cat-lady-clothes that I’d love to have.

Special note on this awesome hoodie from The Ballet Cats. I’ve discovered this brand accidently and was immediately drawn to it for it’s unique, “dark” look and cats theme. The current collection, created by Jordan Marzuki, has been inspired by Czech and Polish cinema, but all unique pieces still feature cats! You can learn more about the collection at their official blog here.