The best cat tree in the world?


I am absolutely in love with this bookcase and cat tree in one – CatCase! I remember spending days looking for a cat tree that is not in neon or in awful leopard print.. This is the perfect solution for people who search for a cat tree that is functional and design!

The best part is that your books are safe as the shelves containing them are protected by a back wall. The only tiny negative is the price – I am sure that many of you agree that 1249 euros is a little bit steep.. But what if we would construct an alternative using the basic Ikea shelves? Anyone wants to take the challenge? 🙂

Cat-Book List & Giveaway Coming Soon!


I’ve done so many cat-fashion, home décor, cat-inspired beauty tips posts but I’ve never done one on cat-themed books! So this week, I felt inspired to give you guys my selection of top 4 cat books! All of them are just filled with cuteness and are a perfect way to fight those January-post-cavation-blues!

Here are my favourites:

And the best part is that the book that wins the poll will be in my first ever giveaway! Yes, that’s right – you pick the book you want to win! So vote for your favourite book and stay tuned for the giveaway coming up soon (open to all residents, everywhere)!!!

Happy New Year & Thank you Caren & Cody!!


Happy New Year to all of you!! Sorry for being so quiet the last week, I was in Latvia and my little furry munchkin was left behind. But now we are reunited and ready for a new year full of cat-posts!

2014 started off incredibly with an amazing present from Caren & Cody! I don’t know if you remember, but a few months ago we won the Simon’s Cat competition that Cody organised and we got the book! Needless to say that Brucy loves and adores it! Thank you Caren & Cody for such a sweet card and Happy New Year to all of you!!

Cat Kuzya, wears a bow tie and works in library


*Source: Buzzfeed

This must be one of the cutest stories yet!

Meet Kuzya, a fully employed assistant librarian at the Novorossiysk Library, Russia. Not only he is an official employee, but he also wears a bow tie to work!

According to his collegues, Kuzya just come to the library one day and decided to stay. The employees, helped Kuzya out by getting him a cat passport and an official employment letter

How cute is this??

Dr. Seuss quotes!


I al a huge Dr.Seuss fan – who isn’t?? I love his Cat in the Hat, Horton hears a Who, Grinch who stole Christmas.. all those books are fulled with funny rhymes but also useful and wise quotes about life. What’s your favorite Dr.Seuss quote? Our favorite is “A person is a person, no matter how small”.