How cats see the world


One of my work collegues, who is a huge fan of Spynx cats, sent me a link to this amazing article : What do cats see?

The article is packed with fascinating facts about cats’ vision, for ex. that cats have a visual field of 200° degress (compared to 180° of humans’). Cats also see everything in a bit of a blurry way, because of the short peripheral vision, and see better in the areas with lower light.

Great article- a must read!



Fall cat-fashion 2013


It is getting colder every day and it can only mean one thing – autumn is here! Time to pull out those cozy sweaters, scarves, and wellies, and start baking apple and pumpkin pies!

But what about our little furry (or sometimes, not so furry) friends? No worries, you can now find a beautiful and cozy garment for your cat as well! I came across this amazing brand Sphynx Cat Wear, and I love them! They have a great fashion line for Spynx, hairless cats. The names of the coats range from – “Purple People Eater to “Pink Lemonade” – very creative! It’s a great company – check them out!

Spynx cats – cute or scary?

spynx cat

One of colleagues at work, who is allergic to cat fur, asked me to do a post on Spynx cats. I hesitated – I will be honest. Spynx cats are not my favourites, in all honesty, they freak me out. But once I started Googling photos of spynx cats, I actually changed my mind and now I feel like they are actually kind of cute. What do you think about Spynx cats?

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